The Conference

Spearheaded by students of the Hong Kong Students Association at Brown University, Reframing Hong Kong: Challenges and Opportunities in the City, 2017 and Beyond is a nonpartisan conference held in Providence, RI on March 14 and 15, 2014 that will examine the recent political developments of Hong Kong. Through the frames of different disciplinary perspectives, the conference will critically engage with the challenges that the city faces. With universal suffrage to be implemented for the 2017 Chief Executive elections, it becomes ever more urgent that these issues be addressed.

Over 100 students and academics from over 25 universities will attend the conference. As most attendees, like the organizers of the conference, will likely be students from Hong Kong studying abroad (although all are welcome), we aim to end the conference on a reflexive note that examines the role of those of us in the diaspora in shaping the city’s future.