The Steering Committee met last night to continue with our planning work for the conference. We are currently in the process of soliciting speakers for our various panels and we are continuing our fundraising efforts.

One of the outcomes of our deliberations was to adopt the following vision statement that captures succinctly what we hope to accomplish with this gathering:

We seek to create a space in the diaspora for dialogue on the momentous changes underway in Hong Kong. We welcome all voices into this discussion, as we believe that only when everyone who cares about the city or claims it to be their home are engaged will we be able to forge a consensus on democracy that is truly inclusive. Through this conference and the conversations that will continue after it concludes, we will actively seek to contribute to the future of Hong Kong.

With the government’s commencement of the Public Consultation on the Methods for Selecting the Chief Executive in 2017 last week, one of the possible deliverables of this conference are ideas that can be formally submitted to this consultation.

We are also delighted to announce the support of the Department of East Asian Studies at Brown University, which has partnered with HKSA to put on multiple events in the past.