Aside from Prof. Ho-fung Hung, Dr. Michael Martin, Dr. Sarah Y. T. Mak, and Prof. Rebecca Nedostup, our first panel, "Governance in the City After A Decade of Protest" will feature two virtual discussants who will be joining in our conversations via video conferencing. They are:

  1. Katty Law has been involved in issues of heritage preservation, sustainable planning, and urban renewal in Hong Kong for close to a decade. She was the convener of the Government Hill Concern Group, the Central and Western District Concern Group, the Central Harbourfront Concern Group, among other organizations. She is a graduate of the University of Hong Kong and an artist.
  2. Avery Ng Man Yuen is the Vice Chairman of the League of Social Democrats. He has been heavily involved in political activism and social movements for the past four years. Avery received a dual degree in Mechanical Engineering and Actuarial Science from the University of Melbourne. He is a London Business School MBA dropout. He currently works as a M&A consultant in Asia and Europe.

As the panel will be held in the Digital Scholarship Lab at the Rockerfeller Jr. Library at Brown University, Katty and Avery will be featured on the 7 X 16 foot LED screen. We believe that both will offer us rich insights from their personal experiences in various social movements in Hong Kong, and will add great depth to our discussions on identity, heritage, and contentious politics in the past decade.

Again, those who are not in Providence can also participate in the conference through our live feed.