About HKSA

Founded in 1982, Brown University’s Hong Kong Students Association provides a home for students from Hong Kong studying abroad. We also seek to provide a platform for individuals interested in learning about Hong Kong society and culture. Furthermore, we seek to promote diversity and free cultural expression within the College Hill community.

Our recent events include lectures by Anita Chan, the New York Hong Kong Economic Trade Office Director, a student panel focusing on their experiences in the diaspora, calligraphy nights, an exhibition of 19th century prints of Hong Kong at the John Hay Library, as well as our food events, such as cooking nights and Boston dim sum trips

Steering Committee Members


Larry Au is a senior completing his degrees in Sociology and History. He is the Co-President of HKSA, and served as Editor-in-Chief of VISIONS Magazine and Coordinator of the Pan Asian Council. He works as the Chair of the Committee.

Clarence Ho is a senior in Applied Math-Economics. He is the other Co-President of HKSA, and worked previously with the Collegiate Consulting Group in providing in strategy consulting for regional businesses. He works as our Media Lead.

Angel Lee is a senior studying Economics from Los Angeles. Aside from HKSA, she worked with the Brown Daily Herald as their Business Strategy Director and with Smart Woman Securities as their CEO. She works as our Delegate Coordinator.

Michelle Kwok is a junior in Political Science. She serves as Cultural Chair of HKSA, and works for Strait Talk, a nonpartisan conference on Sino-Taiwanese relations, and the Brown International Scholarship Program. She serves as our Speaker Coordinator.

Myron Lam is a junior in Development Studies and Economics. He is a VP in HKSA, and is involved in social entrepreneurship, working last summer with the Nam Long Development Corporation in Vietnam. He also works with the Social Enterprise Greenhouse. He serves as our Operations Coordinator.

Jonathan Poon is a junior in Computer Science. He is the Media Chair of HKSA and has worked at various tech startups in Hong Kong.  He serves as our Technology Lead.

Andrew Li is a junior in Cognitive Neuroscience, intent on pursuing a career in medicine. He is the other Vice President of HKSA, and is involved in Team HBV, a health advocacy group that spreads awareness on Hepatitis B. He serves as our other Media Lead.

Susan Chen is a junior studying Visual Arts and International Relations.  She works as the Managing Director of Brown Motion Pictures, the Ivy League’s largest film production company, and VP of Kappa Delta, a chapter she founded. She serves as our Programming Lead.

Justin To is a junior in International Relations interested in finance and economics. He is a member of Brown’s Varsity Tennis Team. He serves as our Social Lead.

Richard Yue is a sophomore in Business, Entrepreneurship, and Organizations.  He is the Social Chair of HKSA, and was elected to the Undergraduate Finance Board, charged with allocating funds to hundreds of student groups. He serves as our Finance Lead.

Sarah Cheung is a sophomore studying Visual Arts and her independent concentration in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics. She will work as our Outreach Coordinator.

Nick Chan is a sophomore studying Applied Math-Economics from Los Angeles. Aside from working as the External Chair for HKSA, he works with Collegiate Consulting Group. He serves as our other Finance Lead.

Robert Lee is a freshman concentrating in Business, Entrepreneurship, and Organizations. A talented musician, he is currently in Brown’s oldest a cappella group, the Jabberwocks. He serves as our other Networking Lead.

Tiffany Chang is a sophomore in Applied Math-Economics from New York. She is a Senior Staff Writer for the Intercollegiate Finance Journal and is on the Beauty Team Staff for Unhemmed Magazine. She works as our Treasurer.

Eddie Lee is a sophomore in Applied Math-Economics from Massachusetts. He is a Meiklejohn Peer Advisor and works as a mentor in China Care, a mentoring program for adopted Chinese children. He serves as our Secretary.

Ashley So is a freshman that previously studied at Deerfield Academy. She is a talented photographer interested in the visual arts. She serves as our other Delegate Coordinator.

Chris Shum is a freshman in Computer Science and previously studied at the Canadian International School. He serves as our other Logistics Lead.

Trevor Lam is a freshman in Business, Organizations, and Entrepreneurship interested in pursuing a career in law in Hong Kong. He serves as a Technology Lead.

We would also like to thank David Deng, Jesamine Dyus, and Elaine Wang for their hard work.


We would also like to thank Handybook, Libbler, and the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office of New York for their support of our gift packages for our participants.